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Our perfumes contains 100% Pure Oud oil and high concentration of fragrance oil makes them long lasting EDP perfumes. Luxurious and longer lasting, an Eau De Parfum is must-have addition to anyone’s fragrance collection.

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For Men | 100ml

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The Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood Pure Oud oil, blended with rose and saffron on a precious bed of frankincense and sandalwood, makes this Parfum the most luxurious, aromatic, and bold Parfum on the market for today’s modern men.
This perfume reveals the style behind impeccable appearance thanks to pure Vietnamese Oud base note.
The wearer will feel like an Emperor.

Emperor Oud Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: Rose; Saffron
Middle notes: Frankincense; Sandalwood
Base notes: 100% natural pure agarwood oud

Emperor Oud Fragrance Family:
Animalistic, Leather, Rose, Amber and Pure Oud

Emperor Oud

For Women | 100ml

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The beauty of Amber Oud lies in the quality of fragrance oils used, A bit of a mysterious fragrance for today’s modern women. Jasmine and sandalwood heart notes which are followed by the intensely warm and comforting base notes of pure oud, saffron and musk. It’s a rather elegant, sweet and timeless woody amber oud.

Amber Oud Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: Lemon; Bergamot
Middle notes: Jasmin; Ylang Ylang; Fig; Sandalwood
Base notes: Cinnamon; Musk; Saffron; Patchouli
Special note: 100% natural pure agarwood oud

Amber Oud Fragrance Family:
Oriental, Rich Amber, Sweet, Spicy, Warm, Sensual and Oud

Amber Oud

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How to apply Eau de Parfum?

Apply few sprays to your inner wrists, chest and behind your neck.
Our Eau de Parfum is long lasting on the skin. A little goes a long way (100ml bottle can last you a 5-6 months if used everyday).

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Give the main man in your life with a special oud this father day

Apply to your inner wrists, behind your neck, ears and elbow, onto the tips of your beard.

Oud Essential Oil is long lasting on the skin.

A little goes a long way (15ml can last you a 3-4 months if used everyday).

If stored correctly, your Oud should last longer.

“Keep your Oud somewhere dry, cool (at room temperature) and away from direct sunlight.”

Do not store in bathroom.

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Febin Matthew
Febin Matthew
09:04 30 Jan 21
I am not new to Oud and this is one of the best in this price range.I am blown away by the Crown Oud that I purchased. It is simply awesome. Have... tried a lot of oud and have a large collection as well. But this one takes the top Tier as of now. Simply majestic. The first whiff and you can actually sense your brain trying to rearrange itself and there is this calming effect. My next one is going to be your top one the Royal Oud.read more
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