What is Oud?

When you think about Oudh the first things came up in mind is luxury expensive perfume, and you are right.

I try my best to explain What Is Oud? How Does It Smells Like? Why Is Oudh So Expensive? Where Agarwood Oudh Comes From? Should You Own One?

Blog Written By: AHMAD SHAH – LONDON
Dated: 1st September 2021
Read Time: 3-5 mins


Everything You Need To Know About OUD!

Q1: What Is Oud?

Oud comes from Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood Tree. It’s actually a dark, scented resin created from mould that grows in infected wood from agarwood tree.
The Agarwood tree fall under the CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments.
Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species.

Q2: How Does Oud Smell Like?

Animalistic, Earthy, Barn Yard, Woody and Smoky.
Pure Oud is not for everyone, your really need to have strong heart otherwise you might get fainted 🙂
But for Oud lovers, they just can’t live without it, just like myself.

Q3: How You Spell Oud?

Most common spelling is “Oud”, “Aoud”, “Oudh”. They are all correct.
It also known as in Middle Eastern and Asian countries “Oud Attar” e.g. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan and other Gulf States.

Q4: In Which Countries Agarwood Oud Comes From?

Oud comes from Southeast Asian Countries e.g. Vietnam, Burma, China, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and other tropical humid countries.

Q5: Is There Any Difference In The Oud Scent From Different Countries?

Its like drinking coffee from Starbucks or Costa Coffee, the core taste of the coffee is same, the same rule applies to Oud, the core scent of Oud is Animalistic, Woody & Smoky.

Q6: What Is The Color Of Oud?

It’s actually a dark brown, blackish or in light brown, colour depends on the quality of Oud.
The darker and thicker the Oud is consider better quality.

Q7: How Do You Recognise The Difference Between Pure Oud and Synthetic Oud?

Once you own the pure oud than you can easily catch the fake / synthetic Oud.

Q8: What Oud Grade Means?

Oud normally comes in 6 (six) Grades.

  1. Super+
  2. Super
  3. Deluxe+
  4. Deluxe
  5. Premium+
  6. Premium

The higher the grade the expensive the Oud, it also means the quality is excellent.
The quality of Oud is based on the age of Agarwood tree, the older the tree the better. (just like wine, older wine taste better and they are expesive).

Q9: Why Oud Is So Expensive?

Due to its rarity and the time it takes for the infection process to occur in tree, it is expensive and often called liquid gold.
The Oud oil is extracted from the heartwood of the agarwood tree through water distillation.

Q10: How Come Some Retailer / Brands Selling Cheap Oud?

The cheaper oud you see online or in stores are all fake / synthetic Oud.

Q11: Does Big Brands Are Using Oud In Their Spray Perfumes?

The straight forward answer is “NO”, they simply using the word “Oud” to make innocent people fool.
As I have mentioned that the Oud Tree falls under the CITES (endangered plant), means there are less Agarwood tree left and oud perfumes in the market are in millions. (common sense, its not possible).

Q12: What Are The Benefits of Pure Oud Oil?

The Oud scent can release stress, banish miasma, and generate elegant atmosphere.

Q13: How to Use / Apply Oud Oil?

The oud is perfect for layering with other fragrance oils or use it neat on your skin.
You can also mix with sweet almond oil to create a perfect oil for whole body and hair.

Mixing Solution:
For Body Oil:- 5ml oud oil mix with 50ml sweet almond oil). Use it after the bath or shower to smell Devine.
For Bath:- You run a bath, add a few drops of Oud oil for stress-relieving and mind-soothing experience.
Electric Diffuser:- Add few drops of Oud Oil in Electric & Aromatherapy Diffusers and enjoy the intense aroma of Pure Oud.
On Skin: Apply to your inner wrists, behind your neck, ears and elbow, onto the tips of your beard. Oud Oil is long lasting on the skin. 
A little goes a long way (3ml can last you a 1-2 months if used everyday).

Q14: Why Should You Own Oud?

Yes, It’s is about smelling unique, bold and powerful.
Once in a life time you should own pure Oud.
Only if you can afford it, think about your family first.

Q15: Where To Buy Pure Oud From?

Of course from us. Why? Because I am doing this as a hobby not as a business, the reason to create this Oudh website so people can own Pure Oud at low cost and high quality.


Our Formula Is Simple


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How to Apply Oud Oil?

Apply to your inner wrists, behind your neck, ears and elbow, onto the tips of your beard.

Oud Oil is long lasting on the skin. 

A little goes a long way (3ml can last you a 1-2 months if used everyday).

How to Store Oud?

If stored correctly, your Oud should last longer. 

“Keep your Oud somewhere dry, cool (at room temperature) and away from direct sunlight.”

Do not store in bathroom.

We are always happy to hear your honest opinion about our products and the experience that you get from our oudh.

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